HS30 Rivet Setting Machine

HS30 Rivet Setting Machine.

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The HS30 rivet setting machine designed for modern factories with increased capabilities.


TheHS30 sets a wide range of rivet sizes, making it a cost-effective, practical, production machine. Machine cycle times down to half a second maximises productivity. Designed to set self-piercing rivets, extending the capability of the production process.


A pneumatic trip facility allows a remote foot pedal for operation comfort, whilst a pneumatic free fall probe guard ensure operator safety and maintains accessibility. Manufactured to the latest health and safety legislations. Arm tooling and fixture can be tailored to suit individual requirements and operator convenience.


CE compliant. Quality approved components manufactured to perform in all environments. Inbuilt reduced maintenance requirements. Large capacity autofeed hoppers, designed for continuous production.


A B C D E approx weight length of stroke
200mm 1100mm 1800mm 500mm 660mm 425kg 76mm


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