Style 300

Style 230 - Rivet Setting Machine.

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A Power Operated Automatic Feed Machine for setting Semi-Tubular, Tubular and Bifurcated Rivets up to 5/8" (16mm) in length.

The rivet centres are supplied fixed within the limits 9/16" (14mm) to 3.5" (89mm).

The maximum rivet guage, which will depend on the type of rivet and the material from which it is made, is as follows:

Steel Brass Copper Alum. and Light Alloy
S.T. Tub. Bif. S.T. Tub. Bif. S.T. Tub. Bif. S.T. Tub. Bif.
11 10 9 1/8 9.5 9 9 8 9 7 7 6


Machine Dimensions:

A B C D E Approw. Weight Length of Stroke
10" 45" 70" 21" 41" 760lb 2"
254mm 1142mm 1778mm 533mm 1041mm 344kg 51mm


Other Data:

A 1/4" hp motor is fitted as standard.


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