Walton - Rivet Setting Machine.

A Foot Operated Automatic Rivet Feed Machine for setting Semi-Tubular, Tubular and Bifurcated Rivets up to 5/8" (16mm in length.

Designed to set Tubular, Semi-Tubular and Bifurcated Rivets.

'Original Design' machines are rebuilt or refurbished and supplied to the current legislation for Health & Safety.


Foot Operated though a Penumatic Operated version can be made.

Automatic Rivet Feed Machine with built in foot pedal for operator comfort, whilst a free fall probe guard ensures operator safety and maintains accessibility.

Manufactured to the latest Health and Safety Legislation.

Arm tooling and fixture can be tailored to suit individual requirements and operator convenience.

The maximum rivet guage, which will depend on the type of rivet and the material from which it is made, is as follows:

Steel Brass Copper Alum. and Light Alloy
S.T Tub. Bif. S.T Tub. Bif. S.T Tub. Bif. S.T Tub. Bif.
5 5 3 5 5 3 5 3 3 3 3 3


Machine Dimensions:

A B C D E Length of Stroke
5.3/4" 36" 56" 9.3/4" 36" 2"
135/102mm 914.4mm 1422.4mm 236/102mm 914.4mm 51mm


If you're looking for spares for this product, click here: http://www.aa-bifandtub.idqa.co.uk/Products/Spares/Walton

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